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Why Study With Us?

This is the place where we groom you up to become fishers of men

Why Study With Us?

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Scholarships & fees

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We have Discipleship training centres in Ghana and the USA

Discover Our Chapters

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Ready to join us?



graduated across the world.



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in Ghana and the United States of America.

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Disciple Makers are those available and willing to serve and help others grow in the kingdom of God so they can become a disciple. Locate our chapter near you and be part of this.

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Help us impact many lives, provide supports and opportunities for the less privileged. You can sponsor someone through the training courses. We need to push the Gospel further. And we need YOU.

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The fire should still keep on burning even after you have graduated. We will love to really keep in touch with you wherever you go. Register with our Alumni forum and let us do this together


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